How to keep ATCEx account and wallet safe?  
Password length set complex and the only best, at least 8 bits, password suggested that contains uppercase lowercase alphanumeric or special symbols, and no obvious regularity, it is best not to include your name E-mail name your birthday phone easy access to information, such as, for example: xiaoming 123456 ok123 abc123 etc. The password is not recommended, we recommend that you use such as: TL > $DIde {} or hd# idw# W12 You can also enhance the security of your account by changing your password periodically (every three months), preferably with a completely different password each time. Finally, never reveal your password to anyone.
It is recommended that you bind Google Authenticator. The Google Authenticator is a dynamic password tool launched by Google. You need to use your mobile phone to scan the barcode provided by ATCEx or enter the key. After the addition is completed, a valid 6-digit verification code will be generated on the authenticator every ten seconds. After the binding is successful, each time you log in to ATCEx, you need to enter the 6-digit verification code displayed on the Google authenticator.
Prevent Phishing Attack
Pay attention to fake emails sent from ATCEx, try not to click on the links or attachments in the emails, make sure that the link is the official website before logging in to the ATCEx account, ATCEx will never ask you for your password, SMS or email verification code, and Google verification code.